Pam mundell



Just over two years ago I moved to Whitianga, part of the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, with its rugged hills, white sand beaches, islands, picturesque old native forests, ancient kauri trees, historic houses, and gorgeous coastline, where land birds and sea birds mingle.

These all provide wonderful subjects to paint.

Iā€™m interested in capturing a particular moment, and exploring the play of light on complex surfaces. I also enjoy playing with reality ā€“ creating realist works that are, in fact, at least in part, imaginary. Living here provides almost constant inspiration. And lately I have gone back to other places I have lived ā€“ also beautiful ā€“ and have been painting scenes that have a personal history for me.

I began painting by chance, and loved it so much it has replaced my previous passion for fibre arts.

I am largely self-taught, learning by attending classes with local artists/teachers, watching others at work, studying the work of well-known artists, and simply by thinking about the effects I want to achieve in a painting, and then exploring different ways to create them. So a lot of different styles, and a lot of trial and error, with occasional happy accidents along the way. All good learning, and good fun!

Eighteen months after first picking up a paintbrush, I came second in the Telecom Art Awards, and was a finalist in the Northland Art Awards.